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Great Opportunities

There is opportunity all throughout The Silver State. Nevada is known for its riches in the soil and on the strip. Many people, men and women alike have come to stake a claim. You never know when Lady Luck will tap you on the shoulder or give you a little wink.

Ladies involved in the organization understand what it takes to make a fella feel lucky. In and out of the gaming atmosphere. Great opportunities will always arise. Its up to a seasoned pro to spot the great opportunity to improve the quality of a clients experience and overall appeal and reputation of VEGASunlocked.

As a prime provider of quality entertainment in the Vegas area, YOU will be provided the chance to accel in the competitive industry of entertainment. Our assurance that your personal application will be reviewed by a competent entertainment specialist is guaranteed. This could be a great opportunity for anyone interested in being a socialite.

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Local Models

Its all about being "In-The-Know" in VEGAS. Its not who you know. Its not what you know. Its both! Locals have a huge advantage in providing a top-notch Vegas experience to people from out of town regardless if they are clients or not.

By using local models, VEGASunlocked gives the street view to clients from the eyes and ears of the people who know the most about it. You. Show them your world as strange or as tame as it may be. Take them on a tour of your Vegas and let them touch the heart of the entertainment industry as none other than a Vegas local can.

You can break it down to logic. Live how you want and show what a real local does in her spare time.

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Solid in every way. Head to toe in confidence and ready to party. All you have to do is be all about your game.Your game is fun. So what is the hold up in the hustle? Apply to be an entertainer right here. Right now.

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Congratulations on reaching the place to further your career as a Vegas entertainer.

Join us in celebrating as you only us as locals know. The party is going on. Pop the bottles and bring the glasses. Time to make the sounds of success!

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Your Privacy

By applying on Vegas Unlocked, you agree to submit to a backgruond check. Your information will only be used for the purposes of gaining employment at Vegas Unlocked.

Our Start

Vegas Unlocked is a new company that opened its doors on Jan 1st. 2012

Our guarantee

Vegas Unlocked strives to provide quality entertainment to groups of individuals visiting Las Vegas and also guarantees that our hosts/hostesses abide by the highest standards of social etiquette.